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Details of College Scholarship Essay Samples

Details of College Scholarship Essay Samples Introducing College Scholarship Essay Samples The cost of an essay rides on the quantity of effort the writer has to exert. The very first step to any essay writing is to choose a subject of interest. Remember that the man reading your essay would like to give out money. Possessing another man reading the essay is essential. Ensure that your essay is neatly typed, and that there's lots of white space' on the webpage. You've got a lot riding on the way in which the essay is written. You know that you are getting high-quality once you use essay writing help. Rather than being given a prompt, you may be requested to compose an essay on this issue of your choice. Type of College Scholarship Essay Samples Some scholarship programs will supply you with a list of questions to answer inside your essay. Therefore, students are advised to follow instructions provided. A scholarship is a grant that functions as an aid for a student to have the ability to attain a particular degree of education. If there are lots of scholarships that you're eligible to submit an application for, be certain to make an application for them all. If you submit the scholarship essay within the body of the email, it is going to be disqualified. Therefore, it's important to recognize key individuals to request letters of recommendation from. Typically each department has a particular deadline for every one of the scholarships they sponsor and a few departments award twice annually. If you're in need of an excellent scholarship essay, ask our writers to compose a customized scholarship essay for you. The group of essay writers covers every topic you might need. If you would like to succeed and know how to write a scholarship essay, it's also wise to become familiarized with the most frequently made mistakes. For a regular student, writing an effective scholarship essay is a true challenge. You don't need to possess the ideal writing skills to be able to be creative and compose an effective essay. Your English teacher may even be inclined to assess your essay for you. It is possible to also secure several discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. The outstanding part about it's that you're not required to sign in for your purchase. This advice is also critical for essays in which you don't take a position but present an assortment of potential claims as a way to demonstrate your expertise or interest in a certain matter. Try to remember, on the exterior of the envelope, list the name of the particular scholarship you're inquiring about. The Good, the Bad and College Scholarship Essay Samples In some instances, you might find it challenging to compose because of inadequate abilities, and therefore a sample winning scholarship essays would supply the guidance you will need. Students l ead busy lives and frequently forget about an approaching deadline. Winning essays often rely on a broad range of relevant and proper evidence. With a little bit of tweaking, 1 scholarship essay can fit the requirements of several diverse contests. As you probably already know, applying for college is a great deal of work. Obtaining scholarship is just one of the greatest approaches to attain education and training to develop into a great leader. Applying for college takes quite a bit of work. College Scholarship Essay Samples Before you submit your application make certain you take the opportunity to proofread your essay from starting to end. Your application ought to be typewritten and neat. Our application essay service won't ever disillusion you and you'll be happy by our performance. It will never disillusion you and you will be pleased with our performance.

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Social Work A Social Worker - 1033 Words

Some days you ask yourself why you do the job that you do. Some days you ask yourself why you stay in the field that you’re in. Most days you ask yourself â€Å"Is it really all worth it?† On occasion, there are the days that you get your answer to all of those questions. From the domestic violence victim that is now divorced and happy, this is why you do it. Because of the foster child who is now adopted and loved by his forever family, that’s why you stay in the field. From the veteran suffering from PTSD and depression who also attempted suicide but now is healthy, happy and alive, yes it is definitely all worth it. These are just a few reasons why you love what you do. These are all the reasons why I choose to become a social worker. Social work is a professional and academic discipline that works to improve the quality of life and enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, couples, groups, and communities. Heather Holland is a Social Worker at Uniontown Hospital who has over 12 years’ experience in the field. She explains that a typical day on the job is far from easy. â€Å"Days in this career are crazy, busy, and mostly, undetermined† Holland explains of her days on the job. Social work is a very important job. Social workers work with clients who are vulnerable and in need of serious help. It is so extremely important that social workers are properly trained and are always giving their best in their work because client’s lives often depend on it. Social workers areShow MoreRelatedSocial Workers And Social Work Essay1165 Words   |  5 Pages In today`s society, social work as a profession has changed enormously over time. Many interviews, samples and surveys from individuals have been taken over the years about the perception of social workers. Earlier samples of surveys and interviews have shown that social work was not always a popular profession, but now social workers are popular publicly. The public as in people now has a better understanding of social work. Studies showed that numerous of people do not quite have a full understandingRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work1684 Words   |  7 Pages At the heart of social work most social workers consider their social work values as one of the most crucial principles of the social work profession (Higham 2006). The recent report of the social work taskforce sets out a vision of social work for a profession confident about its values, purpose and identity (Social Work Taskforce, 2009, pg61). Generally, the term value is viewed as particular beliefs or principles an i ndividual may hold deemed worthy or valuable (Banks,S, 2006). BASWA 2012 definesRead MoreSocial Workers And The Social Work Essay1706 Words   |  7 PagesSocial workers are caregivers, they provide assistance to people in need, and they address social problems. The social worker’s goal is the improvement of society to better the lives of individuals in need. The social work professional mission is to enhance the well-being of people and to assist them in meeting their basic needs, with particular emphasis on the needs of the poor, and the vulnerable individual. The Social Work profession has six core values. Social workers incorporate these core valuesRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work950 Words   |  4 Pages The social work profession is a profession that is created with educated professionals, social workers, which make important contributions to society by helping society’s most vulnerable individuals, families, and groups. Social workers assist vulnerable populations with enhancing their social functioning, meeting their needs, and solving problems. Social policies are a key component in the success of the social workers ability to help the vulnerable. â€Å"Social policies are the laws, rules, and regulationsRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work1377 Words   |  6 PagesSocial Workers Issues We are the present. The future is our children. We all have some child(ren) in our lives whom we love dearly and would probably die for them. They are our future. Many of those children need help; mental, emotional, and physical help. If these children do not receive help, our future will be worse than the present is now. Social workers can help fix that. In the last paper, I addressed the issue of social status/work. The work status fluctuates greatly pending on the fieldRead MoreThe Social Work Of A Social Worker1585 Words   |  7 PagesAs a social worker, we are essentially given the opportunity to utilize our past and personal experiences, educational background, and diverse relationships to make a difference in countless people’s lives. Whether we choose to dedicate ourselves to practicing micro or macro social work, we can influence the outcomes of social policies, assist clients with obtaining basic necessities, or change a person’s thought processes by applyi ng psychosocial theories as necessary. However, we are obligatedRead MoreThe Social Work Of A Social Worker1551 Words   |  7 PagesUnder the social work profession, social workers embrace the principle of social justice and are committed to work toward achieving social change. In direct practice, social workers work with individuals living in poverty and subjected to all sorts of injustices. In social work, practitioners work in partnership with clients, when coming up with possible solutions to the presenting problems. It is important that in the process, social workers remain with a nonjudgmental attitude and look at howRead MoreSocial Work As A Social Worker1414 Words   |  6 PagesWhat makes social work idiosyncratic unlike the rest is the willingness and passion to promote human well-being. I yearn and hunger to see growth of what is already innate. That is the reason psychology became my undeclared major. My ignorance of the social work role did create misconceptions and fears. I knew I had to be in some helping profession. I was not sure if I would do so through occupational therapy, psychology, teaching, or social work. I wanted to be a social worker, but I wasRead MoreSocial Worker And Social Work Essay1076 Words   |  5 Pagesdefinition of what social work is. My view of social work was based off of movies that portrayed social workers as individuals who only worked with children. In these movies, the social worker was known as the Child Protective Agent and was called in when a child or children were being mistreated. After taking this course, I now know that my idea of a social worker, although right, was only the tip of an iceberg. The social worker does not only work with children, they work within a large social system thatRead MoreSocial Workers And Social Work1652 Words   |  7 Pageslarge component of the social work profession is cultural competency. According to t he National Association of Social Workers, in order to be culturally competent, social workers should understand culture and its’ role in society (National Association of Social Workers [NASW], 2008). Social workers should be able to recognize the strength of each culture, have knowledge of their clients’’ cultures, and provide culturally sensitive services to each individual with whom they work with (NASW, 2008). Is

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The Concepts Of Religious Faith - 1182 Words

The concepts of religious faith, theology, belief and spirituality are all interconnected and very easy to get mixed up. This is because they all have something to do with the other. Richard P. Mcbrien explains how religious faith, theology, beliefs, and spirituality are all connected. Theology follows faith and belief follows Theology. Faith is our personal knowledge of God through human experiences and our openness to his love. Theology is our understanding of faith as revealed by God and our articulation of it. Beliefs are accepting these theological conclusions as true even without clear and convincing evidence. Spirituality is the practice of these beliefs, letting the spirit guide ones life. Although it’s easy to mix up the meaning of faith and belief or get confused the difference in understanding faith in Theology and being filled by God in your spirituality it’s pretty easy to grasp once you see how each influences the other. Religious Faith is our response to Gods unconditional love and our openness to having him work in our life in the way we present ourselves and how we treat others. It’s letting God love us and having a relationship with him in all parts of our life. Religious faith is not the same as human faith but is a result of Human faith. Human faith leads to religious faith but if you have a shaky human faith you will not have a strong religious faith. For example I know people who don’t have faith in God because they don’t have faith in humans and GodShow MoreRelatedThe Medical Ethics Principle Of Autonomy Essay1548 Words   |  7 Pagesexempt parents or caretakers who fail to provide medical assistance to a child based upon religious beliefs, from being prosecuted for child neglect. Of these, six states include laws exempting parents from charges of child abuse, neglect, child injury and manslaughter, when religious beliefs conflict with medical care. In Idaho, legislati on was passed in the 1970s to accommodate faith-healing groups. â€Å"The religious exemption is the only place in the child protective act that places the parent’s rightRead MoreConcept Of Identity And Identity1529 Words   |  7 PagesConcept of Identity The concept of identity is essential to the psychological study of humans and their importance in society. One established definition of identity states it is an outcome of participating in the process of identification (Lawler, S 2008). Identification occurs in two main stages. The primary stage is uniquely personal as it is the fundamental part of one’s personality. It is exhibited in every action undertaken by the person. The secondary stage is malleable and adjusts itselfRead MoreEssay Faith In Religion And Science1123 Words   |  5 Pagestheories and principles which can be proven using mathematical equations and formulas. Faith however contrasts from the easily visible feasibility of data considering Natural Sciences as faith is simply believing without substantial evidence. While faith in religion has in the past helped individuals make morally right choices, faith in religion has also lead to unsubstantiated actions by followers. Meanwhile, faith in natural sciences has constantly been detrimental as nothing in Natural Sciences canRead MoreRichard Dawkins Theory Of The Mind Virus Theory1236 Words   |  5 PagesRichard Dawkins theory about â€Å"mind viruses† is not only wrong, it creates a dangerous divide between religiously inclined people and non-religious people, that could only serve to worsen the current tensions that are plaguing the global society today. Dawkins theory threatens to cause a schism in the relationship between religious and non-religious people, which is already in shambles in our times. Biologist, entomologist and author Richard Dawkins was born in Nairobi, Kenya on March 26th 1941Read MoreReligious Faith694 Words   |  3 PagesEvidence and Religious Faith Some people believe that evidence and faith are incompatible, that the very idea of faith is that faith is a belief that cannot be proven, so that it does not require evidence. However, evidence and proof are two very different concepts. Scientifically, one can only ever disprove a hypothesis. In other words, while it might be possible to disprove the existence of a god or gods, it would be impossible to eliminate all other variables that might provide support forRead MoreHealth Care in the Buddha, Sikh and Baha’i Faiths Essay1277 Words   |  6 Pagesunderstanding of health and the process of healing in regard to the religious belief of individuals goes beyond the realm of spirituality (Suzanne, 2008). Health is believed by every religion as the most important value at which insights can be created, and as well a practical means at which the health of individuals can be promoted. The secular perspective of religion is considered a contributing factor which broadens the uniq ue religious contribution and individual’s concern to spiritual dimensions.Read MoreDoes Religious Education Remain Relevant Today?984 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscussions occurring currently about the future of Religious Education in the school curriculum. The main reason for this being the question: does Religious Education remain relevant today? In this essay I will explain why Religious Education is relevant today due to the growing secularisation of society, the increasing multiculturalism of the UK and the benefits it provides. I will also analyse the counter argument that society has moved on from the concept of religion and it should therefore not be taughtRead MorePaulo Coelho And His Religious Diversity918 Words   |  4 Pages Paulo Coelho and his Religious Diversity The Alchemist contains many religious elements and symbolism that stem directly from Paulo Coelho’s personal life. By incorporating a diverse collection of personal experiences to bring the world of The Alchemist alive, Paulo Coelho drew readers of all kinds to his novel. Even during his time at the Jesuit school, Paulo Coelho was developing thoughts and ideas of his own about faith and religion, ideas which are clearly reflected in The Alchemist. The varietyRead MoreWilliam James Untenable Defence Of Faith1530 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam James’ Untenable Defence of Faith In his essay ’The Will to Believe’, William James promotes a seemingly pragmatic defense of religious faith by taking a benign form of religion from an already preselected set of concepts he wishes to consider. William James’s philosophy however is not motivated by pragmatism, nor is it pragmatic, but instead is an attempt to blow smoke to veil indefensible beliefs. Faith, for the purpose of William James, would be belief lacking sufficient evidence to warrantRead MoreMeaning and End of Religion Essay934 Words   |  4 PagesPhil of Religion Professor Skorobogatov-Gray Banner ID: 800494043 The Meaning and End Of Religion Wilfred Cantwell Smith In the article, The Meaning and End of Religion, by Wilfred Cantwell Smith writes about his idea of the concept of religion explaining it to be a universally valid category as it is theorized but is truly a European creation. Throughout the article Smith conveys his ideas of religion. In his piece, there are several interesting ideas and most important thoughts

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Space Exploration Essay Example For Students

Space Exploration Essay Space Exploration Essay: FROM THE PAST TO THE FUTURE Ever since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with wonders of space. Before the mid-1900s, all mankind could do was gaze at the stars from Earth and wonder what it would be like to go into space. Man would look through telescopes and make theories on how the universe worked. During the mid-1900s, mankind finally was able to send a man into space and explore the wonders of space first hand. So why do humans explore space? Well, it is our fascination with the unknown. At first, all mankind did was look up and wonder how things became what they are now. We started to think that all celestial bodies revolved around the Earth, and the Earth was the center of the entire universe. Galileo Galelie later disproved this theory. Even with growing knowledge in the field, it was not until 1957 when the first Earth orbiter, the Soviets Sputnik 1, was sent into space and placed in orbit at an altitude of 1,370 miles and weighed 184 pounds. Later in that year, the Soviets sent Sputnik 2 into space with a dog named Laika. Laika was the first animal to venture into space. Then in 1985, the United States successfully sent their very own satellite into space. In 1960, the Soviets launched to dogs into space and successfully returned them to Earth. From this point started the space race. The space race was a challenge between the USSR and the United States to see who could land a man on the moon first. In 1961, the first man in space was cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin who was in space for 60 minutes before returning to Earth in Vostok 1 and was sent by the USSR. Astronaut Shepard flew the first manned sub-orbital space-flight by the Americans. The first true American orbital flight was by John Glen and he stayed in space for five hours in Mercury 6 in 1962. Then in 1963, the USSR sent the first woman into space; her name was Valentina Tereshkova-Nikaleva. They also had the first person to take a space-walk in 1965. In 1968, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA tested the first Saturn 5 rocket, which would be used for the Apollo missions. The first manned Apollo missions and the first flight around the moon took place in 1968. Finally, on July 21, 1969, the United States placed the first man on the moon winning the space race. The challenge for mankind at present is placing a human on Mars. We have already sent probes on to Mars and roamed some of its terrain with the rover known as Sojourner. Sojourner was taken to Mars on NASAs Mars Pathfinder and was the first wheeled vehicle to operate on another planetary surface. The Mars pathfinder sent photographs, atmospheric measurements, and a few other important data that will contribute to taking a man to Mars. While pathfinder sent data, Sojourner examined rocks and soil samples with a camera and Alpha Proton X-ray Spectrometer, providing useful data on chemical compositions and radiation bounced back from rocks and dust. The mission finally ended when the Pathfinder stopped responding to commands from NASA. NASA has sent two other probes to Mars, but both malfunctioned and were destroyed on impact on the Martian surface. The US and a few other countries have joined together and are constructing the International Space Station or the ISS. The ISS is scheduled to be completed in 2004 and will be continuously occupied by up to seven crewmembers. The space station is envisioned to be a world-class research facility in which scientist can study Earth and space, as well as explore the medical effects of long durations of weightlessness in space and the behavior of materials in a weightlessness environment, and the practicality of space manufacturing techniques. Now, the future of space exploration depends on many factors. Some of these factors are as followed: how much technology advances, how political forces change rivalries as well as partnerships with other nations, and how important space exploration is to the general public. Costa Del Sol (2342 words) Essay NASA is working on a single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) vehicle, but .

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Hospital management documentation free essay sample

Hospitals are very important institutions for the economic and social well-being of society. Their curative and rehabilitative functions enable them to restore individuals to being productive members of society and for those individuals to enjoy the benefits that can be derived from it. The success of hospitals in their mission is therefore important. This success is highly dependent on the hospitals managerial capability. An understanding of how hospitals are managed will contribute immensely to future successes in hospital management and towards the enhancement of their roles in society. Hospital Management System is designed for all kinds of hospital, which covers wide range of hospital administration and management process. When dealing with hospital management it provides the consolidated patients data and relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patients care, scheduling, operation, their billing, registration etc in a faultless flow in this case study we will majorly discuss the registration process in the hospital management. We will write a custom essay sample on Hospital management documentation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Hospital Management System has a predefined reports , these are used by staff filling out forms, freeing resources for more critical tasks, normal reporting as well as Administration and Staff development purpose. Additionally Hospital management can be easily customized their own customized reports. The Project â€Å"Hospital Management System† is generalized software that steps forward towards computerizing the routine work of the hospital system. And to automate process involved in hospital management. 1. 2 OBJECTIVES 1. 2. 1 To maintain record of patients. i. e.  operation, treatments and other relative processes. 1. 2. 2 To maintain record of staff members. 1. 2. 3 To maintain all details of different wards and beds. i. e. total occupied beds and total vacant beds. 1. 2. 4 Viewing patients information securely and rapidly. 1. 2. 5 Prepare bill of the patient with total charges more efficient and fast. 1. 3 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEMS 1. 3. 1 How to maintain patients recor ds that is easy to retrieve? 1. 3. 2 How to maintain staff members records? 1. 3. 3 How to maintain all details of total occupied beds and total vacant beds from different wards? What are the possible ways to view patients information securely and rapidly? 1. 3. 5 How to prepare patients bill’s total charges fast and efficient? 1. 4 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The system is designed to provide better service to patient, patients details, and other vital information for group clinics such as registration process. Lessen the workload of registrar, where all data are easier to retrieve without time wasting compare to the manual process where data about patients need to be search in the archive, which required extra effort and time. The relevance of the system is to keep track of document submitted by the patients and all his details like date of admission, date of discharge and about his disease so that the patient will be categorize by his disease also by their age, if the patient is repetitive then the doctor can search quickly about his background and if another operation is to be held then the doctor can make precautions. The advantage of the system is that the doctor can store all the information about the employees under him and from previous record, doctor can referred the type of treatment carried on the patient, so that it makes doctor’s job easier. It is helpful to reduce the time and complexity of maintaining the records. It also helps in accurate maintenance of Inpatient and Outpatient details. 1. 5 SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS 1. 5. 1 The document only covers the requirement specification for the hospital management system. This document does not provide any references to the other component of the hospital management system. 1. 5. 2 Application should maintain all information of wards and different beds in that ward. And update that information as every admit discharge process take place. 1. Applications keep track of bed. i. e. which patient has occupied that particular bed, admit date and name of doctor who handle that patient. 1. 5. 4 Application should generate final bill and discharge card. 1. 5. 5 The system cannot perform the calculation of the patients discounts from their Philhealth, SSS, Pag-ibig Fund and etc. CHAPTER 2 RELATED LITERATURES AND STUDIES This chapter is a presentation of the review of related literature and studies that bear relevance to the study and significantly sustain the basic framework of this study. This chapter gave the researchers additional knowledge about the topic and the comprehensive view of the study. Local; Indra’s Hospital Information Management System, the most advanced technology in healthcare, is the first of its kind to be implemented in the Philippines. MMC is currently one of the six hospitals under the Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), together with Davao Doctors Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Riverside Medical Hospital, and the recently acquired Asian Hospital. The implementation of Indra’s healthcare system serves as the pilot implementation for the hospital group, as part of their vision of healthcare in the country. Comlogiks HIMS is the market leader of hospital information system in the Philippines serving more than the combined clients of all hospital systems provider in the local market. In Foreign; Health of citizen is the wealth of Nation. India has contributed the most ancient Medical science â€Å"AYURVEDA† to the world besides other Medical sciences. This field had witnessed a rapid metamorphosis in all of its sections. With immensely increasing advancement in the field of technology, ambit of medical sciences has enlarged making it more sophisticated, diagnosis and cure-oriented. With the advent of 21st century, Health care has become an industry having tremendous potential. This century witnessed a giant leap in information technology. Computers are not only used to diagnose the illness or for doing surgery with one hundred percent accuracy, but also they are used to increase the efficiency in all fields ranging from fixing the appointment with the Doctor to keeping the record of the Patient. Software application can provide solution and services for the global health care industry. By using the cutting edge technologies, Hospital Management can be improved with efficient work flow and communication. Any time any where facilities of the INTERNET have helped the Medical fields to integrate into a single unit. Various Hospitals across the globe can be connected together. They can share information and even services. Details of the Patients, their previous visits etc. are totally not perceptible without a computer. Relevant Informations are always stored in the computer and are available instantly in front of the user. The current manual system that is being used widely in many government hospitals in Malaysia makes the services received by patients are not so efficient and effective Time wasting, loads of paperwork, filing, and a huge numbers of man power needed are few to be listed This list can be lessen if a computerized system is being implemented in this organization This is to make sure the service and treatment that all governments hospitals offer become more standard and have a good quality. The used of Hospital Management System is not new in our country. Nowadays, a lot of private clinic have practice this sort of system . The used of hospital management system can make sure the flow of the service that they offer are efficient and effective towards patients.

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Jane Friedman Offers Writers Valuable Advice

Jane Friedman Offers Writers Valuable Advice Its undeniable that writing and the publishing industry have vastly changed over the last 20 years. Publishing and media solutions UK group Ribbonfish poignantly wrote on their website: The publishing industry is no longer restricted to ink and paper; digital technology has a vital role to play in the industrys current and future activities. Publishing companies are now just as likely to be producing, marketing and selling digital forms of fiction and non-fiction, as they are to be printing hard copies of books and magazines.E-readers and digital copies of books (plus the constant availability of the phone in our pockets) have led to a generation of readers who are able to carry their books on the go without a giant tote bag to store them. While its a positive thing overall that more people have access to literature and writing than ever before, this can make for a complicated landscape for writers and publishers to navigate through.Not since the invention of the printing press has t here been more of a revolution in the publishing industry. Today, writers and publishers are not only expected to produce their work in a traditional book format, but also for several different types of electronic formats such as EPUB, AZW (the Amazon format), PDF, ODF, and MOBI. Writers and publishers also have the task of marketing the book on social media and getting and keeping the attention of the reader, who now has millions of reading choices available to them at the touch of their fingertips.Seeing the fast-paced changes in the publishing industry, Jane Friedman- writer, author and publisher strategist, and co-founder of The Hot Sheet (the essential industry newsletter for authors)- decided that there was a need for someone to help authors and publishers make smarter business decisions in this new publishing world. She has dedicated her website, JaneFriedman.com, to advertising her services for querying, book proposals, author website critiques, and more.Lets take a look at what JaneFriedman.com offers for authors and publishers and take a dive into her blog on insights and tips for the industry.What services does JaneFriedman.com offer?Jane Friedman offers a wide range of publishing and digital media strategy services for authors and publishers who are at every stage in their career. All of the work is directly done by Jane herself- she makes it a point to let her potential clients know that she doesnt subcontract or use assistants to do this work (with the exception of administrative tasks that dont directly involve clients)Query letter and synopsis critiquesA query letter is a formal letter that is sent (typically unsolicited) to magazine editors or literary agents to propose a writing idea. They are written in a very specific format to capture the attention of the person you are writing to in order to sell them on your idea.Jane Friedman offers critiques on both the query letter as well as synopses that authors write. Jane writes on her website, If youre preparing queries or synopses for an agent or publisher, I can edit and evaluate your materials and suggest improvements to increase your chances of a response. I cant guarantee youll get representation or a publishing deal, but I can offer you insight into potential challenges or stumbling blocks in your efforts to get published.The goal is to have a finalized query and synopsis of your book that is appropriate to send out to an agent or publisher.Here is how the typical process will go:Jane will typically rewrite or revisit a clients query or synopsis.She will not write for you, as she cant write in your particular style, but she will make sure that the query is a collaborative effort in order to capture the best qualities of your book.She will correct grammar, style, mechanics, and spelling if it is necessary.She will apply the necessary formatting that is consistent with book publishing standards.Jane can also provide insight and advice on any legal issues raised by your project.Nonfiction book proposal critiquesNonfiction book proposals are a completely different ballpark than querying fiction. In order to help you prepare your proposal, Jane Friedman offers nonfiction book proposal critiques that are backed up by her extensive experience working in nonfiction as an editor as well as preparing nonfiction book proposals for her own work. In many cases, authors with little experience with or exposure to book proposals will have missed some of the necessary sections, or they havent addressed important issues such as competing titles, target market, or the marketing plan.Here is how the typical process will go:Once you have written a proposal, Jane will take a look at it and propose either a phone consultation or a book proposal edit and consult.A phone consultation will be one hour on the phone or via Skype to discuss the book proposal. This is frequently recommended if there is a lot of work to do on the proposal. Jane will recommend next steps durin g the consultation.A book proposal edit and consultation will consist of a thorough review and edit of the proposal as well as a follow-up Skype call to discuss the changes that were made.If you havent written a book proposal yet, Jane also offers an online course on book proposals that will allow writers to ask questions about putting one together on your own.Author website and blog critiquesAuthors are expected to not only write well, but also constantly be marketing their product on their website or their blog. If your website needs some work, Jane can assist you in cleaning it up or ensuring that it adheres to best practices such as search engine optimization or mobile device optimization.Here is what you can expect if you hire Jane for author website or blog critique services:First, you will be asked to complete a worksheet to help her understand the history of your website, how you manage it, and what you want to get out of the website in the future.After having time to read a nd review the website, Jane will schedule an appointment to discuss your questions and concerns.She will give you a detailed report on your website that will help you improve it based on strategic goals, prioritize your time and make the best use of what you currently have, and help you build a plan for the next stage of your website.Additionally, she will help you understand the influence of SEO on your site and help you understand your sites Google Analytics.Jane also provides blogging critiques, which includes an overview of blogging strategy, a critique of your social media accounts, how to improve the effectiveness of your online writing, and what it will take to generate more traffic.Nonfiction book concept reviewIf you are thinking about entering into the world of nonfiction and you want to test the waters with a book concept, you can send the proposal over to Jane Friedman for a safe place to review and get feedback without too high of stakes. Sometimes you may have a great idea but arent exactly sure if there is a market or how you can make the book appeal to the masses. The service is fairly affordable (only $200) and will help an author get their feet wet on a new idea.Before you begin writing your proposal, you can send me your concept for review and advice, and Ill offer written feedback via email. This can potentially save you time and frustration- so that you dont develop a book proposal for a concept thats not likely to be viable or salable.Jane FriedmanOn the nonfiction book concept review, you can expect the following:You will start by filling out a form that asks you to categorize your nonfiction book (memoir/life story, narrative nonfiction, collection of essays, prescriptive, or business). The form will also ask you to write a description of your book, talk about your background as a writer or an author, whether or not you have pitched the idea before, and what you are hoping to learn from the experience of working with Jane on this collab orative concept.By the end of the collaborative exchange, the idea is that you will have concrete next steps or a direction- and sometimes that direction is to abandon the project.Whats on Jane Friedmans blog?In addition to all of the services Jane offers on her website, she also includes a blog where she shares tips and tricks for the author and publishing community. She shares tips on strategic marketing (such as her recent post on an introverts guide to launching a book), tips on crafting stories (like her post on flashbacks in fiction), as well as tips for productivity (see her post on staying sane while publishing).The posts are regular and they offer so much insight into the ever-changing publishing industry for those in every stage of their careers.

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Quality Tools in Decision Making Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Quality Tools in Decision Making - Research Paper Example The affinity process is mostly applied to group ideas, which have been engendered, through the procedure of brainstorming. The process of affinity is performed by a cluster or team. Its chief aim is to meld the opinions, perceptions and insights of a group of people that are knowledgeable or well acquainted with the topic or issue concerned. This process has been found to work excellently in situations where the participants taking part are not more than six. An affinity program is critical when a person has workloads of data that they are overwhelmed on what to do with it. This process enables people to arrange such plentiful information from various sources, to assist them in their decision-making. People can apply the affinity program by first examining the issue concerned in broad terms such as applying an open-end question or statement. As a group, they can the generate ideas and opinions and record them maybe on a wall, larger sheet of paper, haphazardly. However, this has to b e in a place where all those present can see and access them. From, here they can arrange the notes or ideas according to their correlation or similarity in groupings. After grouping related ideas together, they can then select a phrase or word that covers the intent of every faction, and situate it at the summit of the category, as a heading or title. This can be done repeatedly, until the broadest title is reached at, forming a hierarchical structure that highlights the correlation of the data (Parnell, 2011). Strengths Affinity diagrams are critical in solving complicated or difficult problems that people discover to be hard to grasp. It is applied to arrange output that results from a brainstorming session. Additionally it is applied when a person is facing a challenging task but by engaging with other fellow professionals, experts or people with relevant information in the field they manage to solve problems or issues that are complex to understand (Heldman, 2011). An affinity program is integral in decision making, as it enables those with the responsibility of delivering a decision, to gather large amounts of information from a faction, within a limited or short amount of time. Through brainstorming, people offer their opinions and ideas within a group in a short while; thus enabling them to collect relevant and crucial information, within a short time (Ward and Worrel, 2006). This process is also significant in team building as it offers each member in group a chance to contribute and give input to the challenge or problem that they are facing. Every member is provided with an opportunity to air his or her ideas and opinions regarding the issue (Parnell, 2011). Furthermore, this process allows information to be organized into categories that makes it easier for such data to be used with other tools. The information collected, will be applied with other tools to attain the desired decisions or results, more so in business, which might be beneficial to t he business, in the contemporary, competitive business world (Hoerl and Snee, 2012). Weakness As highlighted, the affinity diagram is critical when there is the existence of piles and numerous amounts of data. However, this tool is not applicable in a situation where there is less than 15 items of information have been discovered. In such a case, using this tool is unnecessary, as one can elucidate and coalesce the ideas, and